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Dope Soccer Tournaments For Charity
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Soccer Tournaments For Charity


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Turfmapp's Charity Series is created to bring soccer communities together to raise money for those affected by current unfortunate circumstances (such as natural disasters or humanitarian crises) through a series of soccer tournaments.

You can give back, raise awareness, and enjoy a day of soccer all at once.


Hundreds of thousands of people in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbeans have recently been affected by the devastations caused by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma & Maria.

Get your team out to our charity tournaments to help those in need. All proceeds will be donated to Americares.





There are 3 main ways you can help make the Charity Series a success...


For most of you, this will be the most feasible way to get involved. Call up your teammates and register your team in an upcoming charity tournament!


Running a smooth event requires teamwork and coordination between all staff and volunteers. Since we want to maximize the donations for charity, the act of volunteering is so valuable to us.

Some of the responsibilities that are needed on tournament day:

  • Refereeing games
  • Checking in players
  • Setting up & cleaning up
  • Capturing photos & videos
  • Managing equipments
  • Managing prizes, refreshments, etc.

Contact us at if you want to volunteer at an upcoming charity tournament!




You could donate directly to Americares through our CrowdRise page


Organizers / hosts. Want to host a Charity Series tournament in your city and raise awareness for charity? Let us know and we'll support you from beginning to end.

Facilities. Tournaments can't happen without a safe environment and a good surface to play on. Want to offer up your field space and time (<5hrs) for a good cause? You could do it all and host the tournament as well.

Please fill out the form below or contact us at


We would like to say THANK YOU in advance to all the players, volunteers, organizers, facilities, sponsors, donors, charities, and everyone involved in making this world a better place.